FAQs: G&S Musik Classes

We are here to help! Send us a message and your contact information and we would be happy to assist you. We want to make sure that you register your child for the most appropriate class level.

No child is ever too young to attend the Baby Bond class. Babies heard music in utero and experienced a lot of movement. It is no different now that they are here. Babies like being rocked, listening to different sounds and socializing with other babies and adults. This is how they experience the world around them. Talk to us about special pricing for babies younger than 12 week.

Absolutely. Let’s say your child starts walking in the middle of the Baby Bond session. Let us know that you and your child would like to try the one level up class.

It depends on the age of the younger sibling. Babies are welcomed in the classroom as long as they are being held in a carrier or placed in the stroller seat/car seat in our lounge room. If your baby requires a lot of attention, it is best to find other activities that would suit both of your children at the same time. 

We use a lot of movement activities during the Dynamic Kinder class and therefore your older child would need your help during the classes. We also don’t want to hurt any younger children while moving around. Please talk to us if you are not sure whether it would be appropriate to bring a younger sibling or not.

Unfortunately we don’t offer any mixed age group classes at this moment.

Absolutely. It is best to have one caregiver per child but we will try our best to help assisting your other child.   

We offer registration fee waiver for families with 2 or more children. Please see the Terms&Conditions.

Please talk to us right away. It is very easy to misinterpret your child’s first reaction. From our experience, it takes children 3-6 weeks to settle into the routine and the surroundings of the class. We are here to support you and your child so tell us about your concerns. We want you and your child to have the best experience possible.

Your tuition includes: 5 weeks of music classes with live and recorded music, Book, Access to selected books and instruments; Special Events. 

If you are not sure if you would like to register for the Kindermusik class, come and try our Trial class  (10€ charge) . You will get a chance to participate in one of our 45-minute classes. We also offer a complimentary 30-minute Demo class twice a year.

No problem. Send us an email so we can schedule a make-up (additional) class date. If possible, please try to schedule the make-up (additional) date during the same week when your regular class runs.

Yes, ALL classes are taught in English as well as all hand-outs and materials are written in English language. 

FAQs: Baby Massage Classes

Babies who were just born still have an umbilical cord stump which should not be disturbed. Part of the massage is to massage the belly area and therefore we suggest that newborn babies should not be massaged yet. Babies start to crawl around the age of 7 months and it is very difficult to keep them contained during the massage class. However, if your think your baby would be able to enjoy the class past 7 months old, please contact us.

Groove&Soothe for Kids offer 6-week course of the Infant Massage. If you are interested in any other baby related classes, please see our Kindermusik program.

No problem. Send us an email so we can schedule a make-up (additional) class date. If possible, please try to schedule the make-up (additional) date during the same week when your regular class runs. If it is not possible, you can schedule the make-up class during the next session.

You don’t need to bring any special items. Just wear comfortable clothing. However, if you would like to have a small pillow or a blanket for your baby, please feel free to bring it. We will provide a nursing pillow, extra pads for babies, a doll if needed, and oils.

Absolutely! You don’t want to miss out on any important information shared during the class. We will provide a doll to practice the strokes on and you will receive all hand-outs.

It is normal for some babies to cry during the class. Whether it is a tension they need to release or communicate something to you, it is always a good practice to stop the massage. If your baby starts to cry try using some soothing techniques.

There are many benefits not only for babies but also for moms and/or dads. Here are just a few benefits to mention: promotion of bonding, enhanced communication between the baby and a parent, stimulation of body systems, improved learning ability, improved sleep quality, relief of gas, cramps, tension, relaxation, regulation of behavioral states, and others.

It is recommended that you inform your child’s pediatrician before taking the baby massage class. We do not provide any medical advise. Our role is to help enhance the loving relationship between you and your child.

Only you, the parents of the child will massage your baby. We, instructors do NOT massage the babies. The infant massage is not intended for grandparents or any other caregivers. The reason why we want only parents to massage their baby is the parent-child connection. Your touch, affection, and love helps to enhance the bond between you and your baby and even plays an important role in the growth of the baby.

Yes, ALL classes are taught in English as well as all hand-outs and materials are written in English language. However, some hand-outs can be provided in German language. 

You do not need to bring any oils. However, if you have a preferred one, you are welcome to bring it. We provide an oil for everyone registered for the class. We recommend using only cold-pressed edible oils on your baby’s delicate skin. Olive oil is an exclusion and therefore we DO NOT recommend it

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