0 to 15 months  Infants and Crawlers (Non-Walkers)

Kindermusik Foundation Class Martina Miga

Baby Bond class is the class where fun begins

Baby Bond classes offer a caring and gentle environment. Your babies will experience new sounds, sensations, objects, and movements during each class.

Groove & Soothe for Kids welcomes all caregivers with babies that are not ready to walk yet. Come and join the Baby Bond class to play simple games, bounce your baby while chanting rhymes or singing songs that you can sing at home, or simply come to socialize with other families. Come and get useful information not only about your baby’s development but also about parenting tricks. Dances are a huge part of our classes so we can bring the whole community together.

Baby Bond class offers a great opportunity to strengthen the bond with your baby, explore and play instruments, make new friendships with other families, and have conversations in English. Come join us!


Tuesdays    13:30- 14:45

Early Class:     13:30 – 14:00
Later Class:   14:15- 14:45

Summer Break:

 July & August

Fall Session 1: Sep 17,24 Oct 1,8,15,22,29
Fall Session 2: Nov 5,12,19,26  Dec 3,10,17 


Class Size: Min. 4 – Max. 10

Each session includes the Cost of Classes and Welcome Package (includes a CD)

Cost per session: 85 €

Other inclusions:

Hands-on instrument play, sing-alongs, dances, use of scarves, parachutes, live instruments, and much more

 Books for a free of charge weekly rental

Socializing in a relaxed and friendly environment + conversations in English