This page is meant to provide general details for those interested in signing up for classes at
Groove&Soothe for Kids. Please be sure to read the entire Terms & Conditions agreement.

Groove&Soothe Classes:

Groove&Soothe for Kids offers 37 classes throughout the school year. The classes are divided between sessions in Winter (8 weeks), Spring (5 weeks and 8 weeks), Summer (4 weeks), and Fall (8 weeks and 4 weeks).

Baby Massage Classes:

Groove&Soothe for Kids offers ongoing classes throughout the school year. Each session can last 4-6 weeks.

Enrollment Fees:

Payment in full is required before or at the latest on the first day of classes. The tuition fee covers all classes during a current session and access to the following: free of charge book (see Book Rental), hand-outs in English language, and other material used during the classes. For our music program, the fee also includes a Welcome Package.

Families are invited to enroll at any time during a current session. The enrollment fee will be prorated according to the starting date. For new families who would like to experience a Groove&Soothe Music class, we offer a Trial class for 10€. When you decide to enroll after the Trial class, we apply this fee (10€) towards the tuition. Groove&Soothe for Kids charges an annual fee 5€* per child at the registration.

Groove&Soothe for Kids offers no Trial classes for a Baby massage program. Baby Massage is a unique program and therefore one is required to attend the entire session rather than just one class. Groove&Soothe for Kids charges an annual fee 5€ per child at the registration.

*an annual fee is considered from 1.1 until 31.12.

Book Rental:

Book rentals are free of charge. You are fully responsible for noticeably damaged or lost books. In case of damaged or lost items, you have two options: 1. Replacing the item(s) 2. Paying for the cost of a replacement. 

Absences, Make-up classes, Cancellation:

Missed classes are non-refundable that means, we do not refund for student absences.
Groove&Soothe for Kids allows make-up classes but they are not guaranteed because of the restricted space. When scheduling a make-up class, please email us as soon as you can. We will try our very best to accommodate all requests. Make-up classes are allowed ONLY during the current session your child is registered for. Make-up classes cannot be carried over to the next session.

Cancellations are accepted ONLY after the first class. We will refund your tuition for the classes.

Minimum-Maximum Enrollment Numbers:

The minimum enrollment is 4 students per class. Maximum enrollment depends on the location of the studio and ranges from 7-10 students per class in G&S Music classes and 10-15 students in Baby Massage classes. We offer a waiting list for those classes that are at the capacity. Classes with less than 4 students will be either combined or canceled.


Groove&Soothe for Kids offers to waive the registration fee for families with 2 or more children currently enrolled in the program(s).


Adult guests such as a partner, sibling, other caregiver or Grandparents are welcomed in Groove&Soothe for Kids. Just let us know they are coming prior to bringing them. If you would like to bring an adult friend with a child, we offer Introductory Classes (see Enrollment Fees).