Why choose Groove&Soothe Music Program?

  • The age appropriate curricula and materials provide the perfect foundation for your child’s learning.
  • Babies and young toddlers will explore their imagination while using puppets, doing pretend play, and incorporating movement.
  • Your child will gain musical experiences through singing, playing instruments, and movement.
  • You and your baby/ toddler/preschooler will learn many fun activities and skills that you can use at home.
  • Through movement, your child will build not only strong body but also strengthen his/her brain development.
  • You and your child will get an ample time to bond and engage in one-on-one interactions.
  • Your child will get an early start on learning English through listening, singing, and reading.

Other inclusions:

  • Hands-on instrument play, sing-alongs, dances, use of scarves, parachutes, live instruments, and much more.
  • Book that you can read at home.
  • Books for free of charge weekly rental.
  • Socializing in a relaxed and friendly environment and conversations in English.